Say goodbye to fast fashion, and hello to sustainable style! With Consideration is an independent, family-run business and like you, we care deeply for the planet and the people that make our clothes. We believe in conscious creation and are constantly working towards creating garments that pioneer sustainability. 

Every single one of our garments is made with love and care, from the cutting of the fabric to the sewing together of the panels. Every garment produced is made with consideration to ensure their quality and longevity. Through this we are able to have confidence in our garments and their ability to last.

Join us on our journey to a more sustainable fashion industry and read about our current processes below. 



Each With Consideration garment is handmade to order. We do not hold excess stock, ensuring the least amount of wastage possible. 

All fabric is carefully selected for its reduced environmental impact and uncompromising luxury. Our ready to wear pieces are made from:

-  Sustainable fibres: we aim to use fabrics made of natural fibres like organic cotton, hemp and linen for environmental excellence

-  Dead stock fabric: we use leftover or over ordered fabric from other designers and fabric warehouses that otherwise would have gone to landfill. 

We pride ourselves in each step of our production process from the initial design and fabrication choice to production. We have the responsibility to offset and understand the scope of our environmental impact.  We produce our garments in limited quantities and ensure we are only making to meet demand, producing less waste and consequently, reducing our environmental impact. In an industry where billions of dollars of merchandise are destroyed annually, we hope to disrupt this system for good. 


In an industry dominated by fast fashion, we often forget that clothing is made by real people. A person who sits behind a sewing machine, carefully and skilfully constructing our garments. We are drawn to the glossy exterior of fashion and the constant need for new clothing and often neglect to take into consideration the impact that this has on our people as well as our planet. 

We understand this is not your fault as it can often be difficult to find information and make an informed decision. To allow you to be confident in your choices, we want to ensure you all people involved in our manufacturing processes are treated fairly and respectfully. 

We understand how frustrating it can be when there is a lack of clarity and therefore our goal is to be honest and transparent about our processes. We believe that ethical manufacturing is the only option and that workers' rights should not be compromised for the sake of fashion. 


To protect our planet, we use compostable, biodegradable and non-toxic packaging. Our shipping bags are made using plant-based materials like cornstarch and wheat, replacing synthetic materials like petroleum.

These bags can be disposed of in a compost bin with food scraps and garden waste and will break down within 6 months.  If you don't have a compost, you can still dispose it in the garbage which will take around 2 years, which we think is better than traditional poly mailers which can take up to 1000 years to break down. These shipping bags are a carbon negative alternative to traditional mailers and allow us to reduce our environmental impact and help protect Mother Earth. 

For best composting results, remove the shipping label (recycle it), cut into small pieces and throw into a compost bin.


Our Commitment

We are not perfect but we are constantly researching ways in which we can be as socially and environmentally responsible as possible. Sustainable practices are at the forefront of everything we do.

The Future

It is our goal to work towards creating 100% recycled and upcycled pieces that are accessible to everyone. We are working hard towards ambitious sustainability targets, including to achieve zero waste processes.

Contact Us

If you have any further questions or suggestions on ways in which we can improve, do not hesitate to contact us at contact@withconsideration.com.au